Show off Your Culinary Expertise


Here is How it Works

Art on the Beach features some of the most beautiful home kitchens on Sullivans Island. Each home is staged with a Chef to demonstrate their technique and provide tastings for ticket holders to enjoy. Participating Chefs have the opportunity to network and attract future business for their restaurant or catering company. Chefs donate their food and foodservice to the event.

Calling All Chefs – Art on the Beach is scheduled for November 10, 2024

The date is set…for the eagerly awaited Art on the Beach & Chefs in the Kitchen.  This year’s event will take place on Sunday, November 10th, 2024 from 1 to 5pm.   For the 25th year, this popular fundraiser will feature several of the most beautiful homes and art studios on Sullivans Island.  Each stop will have artists set up to show and sell their work throughout the home while Chefs demonstrate their technique and provide samples of their recipes in the kitchen.

The worthy beneficiary of this great event is Charleston Pro Bono Legal Services which serves the low income community with legal aid. Their network of local, volunteer attorneys reaches over thousands of people in our community each year.

We hope you will consider taking part in this year’s program. If so, you will be assigned to a fabulous island home where up to 500 patrons will tour the homes, buy art and sample tastings. In exchange for your service in providing food samples for up to 500 patrons, you will be treated as an in-kind sponsor. Your business will be featured in advertising, press releases, posters, event brochures, online and event day signage. You will also have the opportunity to distribute your own printed materials during the event. We have begun advertising for the event so the sooner you commit the more advertising you will receive!

Please Fill Out the Form Below to be Considered

    Would you be interested in contributing to our gift collection? We are asking for fifteen donated items representing your work. These items would be arranged in a well curated display to distribute to our participating homeowners, and top sponsors who are giving over $2500 to the organization. One gift collection will be used as a raffle for additional fundraising and promotion of the event. In the past, artists have provided notecards, ornaments, prints, original miniature works, candles and packaged food items for the gifts. You would be required to deliver the materials to the Charleston Pro Bono offices by November 1, 2024. Participating artists will receive extra social media marketing and website presence to honor their contributions.