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Here’s How It Works

Charleston Pro Bono arranges a virtual variety show celebrating the many talents in the culinary, visual and performing arts. Artists apply to be considered. We select a small group of compatible artists to participate in each episode. Once accepted to participate, the artists are required to submit a video telling their story. Video submissions will be reviewed by our virtual production team, to ensure we are streaming a wide variety of topics. The episodes are curated to present a seamless, engaging story for our audience to follow along. Artists will manage the sales of their artwork or packaged goods independently. There are a limited amount of spaces available. Be sure to apply early to be considered.

Virtual Event Series airing on Instagram LIVE

Event #2 on September 16 @ 7pm

Event #3 on October 14 @ 8:30 pm (Art Auction Opens)

Event #4 on November 8 @ 1pm (Art Auction Ends)

Event Location: Instagram Live @artonthebeachchs



Application Fee: $100 due upon acceptance of the artist’s application. Or, the artist may contribute an auction piece at a minimum $250 value to our 50/50 auction.

*A 50/50 auction is when the auction host and the contributing artist split the proceeds from the sale. The donation enables the non-profit event host to meet their fundraising goals, while helping to broker a sale to support the time and talent of our content creators.

Application Requirement: Artists who are accepted to participate are required to send a 3-5minute video, along stills of their work to be featured in the virtual event.

Application Closes: When all spaces have been filled. Applications are reviewed weekly.


  1. Virtual Art on the Beach is a charity fundraiser benefiting Charleston Pro Bono Legal Services.
  2. In the past, guests would explore popup art galleries in 7-10 private residences around Sullivan’s Island with sweet and savory treats from local chefs along the tour. It was a wonderful collaboration of homeowners, artists, craftsmen, chefs, and the local community. Since it is difficult to gather in-person at the moment, we are developing a series of virtual micro-events to engage past and future patrons and participants. The virtual event on Instagram would include virtual home tours of beach residences, interviews and behind the scenes looks at participating artists’ studios, as well as musical performances and chef features. The virtual platform allows Art on the Beach to celebrate many different mediums of art. Poetry, comedy and theatrical art performances are encouraged, along with presentations from visual and tactile artists.
  3. Applications are reviewed weekly by our planning committee. No space is guaranteed with the completion of this application. We will contact you when your application has been reviewed. The planning committee will make assignments based on timely and complete applications, with as much importance on the type of work each artist is presenting. There are a limited amount of spaces available online for this popular event.
  4. Once an applicant has been selected, they will receive a confirmation email from Art on the Beach, along with instructions on how to process the $100 deposit required to hold their vending space. No artist is considered confirmed until the completed application, video and vending fee are on file with our planning committee.
  5. Video Requirements – By completing this application you are able and willing to create a 3-5 minute video exploring your artistic process, studio, and artwork. This video content will be used to promote the sale of your work as a participating artist. This video can be shot on a cell phone with a vertical 9:16 aspect ratio (very important). Since a comment stream will take up the lower half of the screen, it’s important to have your upper body towards the upper portion of the shot when speaking directly to the camera. We will edit in a lower third that states your name, business, and IG handle, so please do not add any text to your video listing the individual onscreen. You can feel free to add in your own background music and still images. Taking some time to edit your content before you submit is greatly appreciated so you are putting your best foot forward with the viewers and we can just plug and play.
  6. When submitting this application, you are also pledging a minimum application fee of $100, or pledging a piece of work (valued at $250) to auction in November. Auction proceeds from artists’ work will be split 50/50 with Charleston Pro Bono Legal Services.


2020 Artists

Amanda McLenon Fine Art
Annex Dance Company
Art by Lauren Jane
Cynthia Huston Fine Art
Danielle Cather-Cohen
Dee Ruel
Erika Lynn McKelvey
Janie Ball Paints
Jared Owens
Juju Green Art
Lisa Shimko
Mary Edna Fraser

Micro Concert Series

The V-Tones
Gino Castillo
Marshgrass Mamas
Ranky Tanky